My Art, My Sculpture

My art

My life story

My Art is all about a long story of  a  boy and a left over piece of wood , found in his father furniture cabinet.

 It started… this way.

It is also about:

cut hands, dull chisels. knives. Cutting tools…  grinding, honing…

It’s also about the adventure of catching a unique moment in – time- petrified in three dimensions an  idea, the “idea”, the inner vision caught in a blessed instant

opening door for a new creation.

There is  muse and  hard work.


I had the will of carving, and being alone from my young age.  The will of working with my hands, carving and sculpting was  the will of   playing or doing anything else.

I never was like the other children of my age and neighborhood.   I only wanted to carve nothing else.   How old was I when I carved my first big cat, 8-9-10 years.. 15 year when I carved my first Horse ( how many horse. I carved horse in multiple posture )                                                   ” J’ai encoe le fumet d’un cheval” St John Perse;  Amers

And always in wood.  Only  years later  I sculpted in stone and marble and beef bones

I do remember the smell of the essence of the Moroccan Cedar the warm color of African wood… The pleasure of cutting Mahogany, the oily eucalyptus wood and ebony and teak and…

I am a carver and I carved big figure and small miniature sculptures, mainly in wood and   in beef bones. I have done sculpture in stone and marble.

I love wood, my miniature from 1.2 to about 14 cm are mostly carved in wood, as wood  for me has a feel of its own, a character of its own; wood allows a beautiful polished  finish – even without paint or polish, Whereas stone or marble are cold, wood has a  natural warm.

One who carves a piece of wood gives to wood a second life.

recycling a piece of wood may be save a tree.


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